Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Cake Pop Process...

Q&A: "What is a Cake Pop?" 
This is a question we've been answering a lot lately!  Many of our friends have had these yummy little treats, but few people know what goes into the process that make them so tasty!  Here's how we do it! 

     1. First, we start out with our delicious homemade cakes, made from scratch with the best quality ingredients. Yep, flour, sugar, eggs, and all that good stuff! No mixes allowed here!

     2.  Next, we gently crumble the cake into a fine texture.   (You can use your hands or a food processor for this part!)

3.  Then we mix the cake with homemade creamy frosting. 

4.  Then, the mixture is rolled into balls.  (We like to use a cookie scoop for uniformity.)

5.  We gently roll the balls to keep a nice texture.

6. Next, a lollipop stick is inserted into the ball of cake, and dipped in Guittard Chocolate.

7. Finally, the Cake Pops are decorated. We use various chocolate coating, sprinkles, sugars, and other decorations to make our Cake Pops look perfect!

8.  Voila....Cakes That Go Pop!

Thanks for supporting our new growing business, AND a big thanks to for capturing the process.

Cheers ~
Natalie & Nicole

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Elmo Loves You!!!

Recently we created little Elmos for precious Willa! While taking tips from Bakerella, (there's no end to what that gal can do), we enjoyed being inspired by such an imaginative, playful theme!!! Elmo was filled with our yummy Chocolate Truffle pop, while the other two Pops were Red Velveteen & Lemon Kiss! To our delight, they were a huge hit, especially with the "under 2" crowd!! Happy Birthday sweet Willa!!