Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Crazy!

Whew! Last week was nuts. We had our first "real" event and made three dozen pops for a baby boy shower. Nicole and I spent the majority of our days in the kitchen, rolling, melting and drizzling away. The women hosting the shower wanted to use baby blue and although I'm not a big fan of pastels, I must say the color looked great. Even better when we added the pops to the pots with bright green moss. 

THEN, along with friends we hosted a "sip and see" for our friend Rian who just had baby girl Sutton Wren. The egg pops in nests and details came together fabulously. It was such a great way to get everyone together and celebrate! I especially LOVE the bright color scheme we came up with. Check it out! ~Natalie

Nicole and Natalie of "Cakes that go Pop"


  1. You girls did a great job!!!!!
    They are so different and really look good. Very pretty!


  2. Wow, these are absolutely adorable! I'm so proud of you Nicole and Nat! xoxo Do you ship to Utah?